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Meet Shelly Marie

Medium & Angel Expert

Shelly Marie, is an internationally recognized medium and angel expert with over 20 years of experience. Shelly Marie is known for bringing instant clarity and guidance during times of uncertainty with the help of the angels.  She was born with the psychic gifts of claircognizance which is knowing without knowing and clairvoyance which is the gift of seeing visions.


Along with readings, speaking engagements, and her online courses, Shelly Marie has also become a leader in spiritual lifestyle by combining ancient healing practices with modern-day life.  She now helps others design a unique lifestyle that develops a connection with the angels and ignites your intuition so you can take inspired action and break free of the fear that keeps you bound to what is no longer serving you.

It wasn't easy, Shelly Marie learned to become fearless in the face of fear through many traumatic experiences that put her in harms way.

A childhood where she witnessed physical violence, addiction and alcoholism heightened her psychic awareness. Leaving home at 14 and bouncing from house to house left her making decisions based on intuition. She always felt the presence of something and now she knows it was her angels.

Her fascination with spirit began when she 10 years old. Shelly Marie spent hours "playing" the Ouji  board. This was not a game. Shelly Marie was communicating with spirits. Shelly Marie spent most of her life confused about her knowingness yet feeling like she was supposed to help others. 

At age 27 she she came across a book about angels. It was then, that the angels began teaching her to combine angelic invocations with her psychic gifts so she could experience the miracle's of the angelic realms. Finally, Shelly Marie had a way to use her psychic gifts in a way that was not scary or fear based. 

A few years before finding the book about angels, a trusted friend and experienced metaphysician began mentoring Shelly Marie in energy healing and spiritual  concepts like parallel worlds, speaking angel language, tarot cards and the concept that God was within. This experience inspired Shelly Marie to develop rituals and tools that helped her manifest the things she desired.

Shelly Marie also stepped into motherhood at age 27 and blissfully gave birth to four children within 5 years. Twelve years later in 2012, Shelly Marie entered into yoga teacher training where her psychic gifts would expand to channeling messages from Eastern Gods and Goddess. She will never forget the day that Ganesha appeared on her yoga mat with a strong message to keep going or the time she invoked the Goddess Lackshmi and was given a $7,000 credit that left her in awe of how manifesting really works.  Then in 2015 after meeting one of her spiritual teachers, Radleigh, Shelly Marie knew it was time to publicly come out of the spiritual closet. Since then it has been a honor to help others through her work. 

In 2018, the Archangels led Shelly Marie through an unexpected personal experience that lasted three years. That transformation caused her to question if all this really worked. She incorporated every tool she had to find a deeper meaning during this uncertain time. After hitting emotional rock bottom, Shelly Marie was led to heal more traumatic experiences which led to ultimate faith in the loving guidance of God and her angels. Shelly Marie once again became fearless in facing fear itself. It was then that the angels whispered "fearless angel" during a meditation which became the tattoo on her arm and the name of her angelic candle line.

The point to this story is that life is a journey. The calling in your heart means something. Trust your soul and use your gifts. They were given to you for a reason. 

Shelly Marie enjoys her unique spiritual lifestyle that is fun and full of mystical miracles. She is obsessed with the energy of happiness and finds the greatest joy in laughter, dance, creative endeavors and connecting with others on a soul level. 

Shelly Marie has helped thousands of people, navigate grief, loss and unexpected change through her inspiring messages from angels and loved ones on the other side. She is a master healer with extensive knowledge of the auric field, an angel expert and a wellness enthusiast. She is a guided visualization expert who will help you unlock your potential for healing and manifesting your desires. Book your session now and shop in the Fearless Angel Boutique.

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