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Clarity and Guidance from Angels so you can Heal and Move Through Fear with Strength and Grace.

Online Mentoring with Shelly Marie

Meet Shelly Marie

Medium and Angel Expert

Shelly Marie, is an internationally recognized medium and angel expert with over 20 years of experience. Shelly Marie is known for bringing instant clarity and guidance during times of uncertainty with the help of the angels.  She was born with the psychic gifts of claircognizance which is knowing without knowing and clairvoyance which is the gift of seeing visions. 


Along with readings, speaking engagements, and her online courses, Shelly Marie has also become a leader in spiritual lifestyle by combining ancient healing practices with modern-day life.  She now helps others design a unique lifestyle that develops a connection with the angels and ignites your intuition so you can take inspired action and break free of the fear that...

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What I Specialize In

Ease your mind & find comfort in the clarity & guidance of your angels as they bring answers to your questions & healing to your soul

It’s hard to really articulate what exactly Shelly does. She came into my life in a time of darkness. I had just lost my 1 month old baby, and the only thing that made me feel closer to him was tapping into my more spiritual side. It is no coincidence that Shelly came into my life at the exact right time. As soon as I walked into her crystal room, she told me she felt the presence of a baby. From that point on, I shared my story and she guided me through. She gets strong messages from my angels and hers, letting me know my son was ok, and he was with me always.  She performed a guided meditation and reiki to help heal my spirit. She made predictions on my future that I have already seen come to fruition. We pulled tarot cards together and the results were amazing! All I can say, it she made me feel lighter. Like I didn’t have to carry this weight all on my own. And for that, I am eternally grateful! 

- JC

Fearless Angel Boutique

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Fearless Angel Candles

Custom angelic intuition candle infused with

angelic blessings and crystal healing

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